You will first need to register for an account to participate in Engage SSA:


  • SSA Employees-
    • Select “SSA Employees Sign In with PIV Card” to login/register.
    • Input your name and preferred language.
  • Non SSA Employees-
    • Select “ Login with Username and Password.”
    • Select "Sign Up."
    • Enter an email address, password and preferred language
    • Select the Register button.
    • After you sign up for an account, you will need to activate your account using the link provided in the email confirmation sent to you from Ideascale/Engage SSA.
    • Clicking the link from om your email will bring you to Engage SSA where you will need to login and complete your community profile.
You will only need to register once to participate in any Engage SSA Community.

Log In

Once you have created your Engage SSA account, you can log in to Engage SSA to view, comment, vote, and submit one of your own ideas.

  • SSA Users- Select “SSA Employees Sign In with PIV Card."
  • Non-SSA Users- Select “ Login with Username and Password.”

Submit New Idea

You must be registered and logged in to submit a new idea

  • Select the round orange + button located at the top
  • Title your idea
  • Provide more details to your idea
  • Attach a document if necessary, and answer any addition questions that might be listed
  • Feel free to add any Tags, which are key words or categories you wish to associate your idea with, to the form
  • Click submit
  • Once the idea is approved it will become public and post to the Community Idea Board inside the Community Topic page.


You must register and be logged in to comment on an idea

  • To see ideas, click "All Ideas "
  • To add a comment, click into the Idea details, and scroll down to the Comment section
  • Type your comment in the comments box and check any applicable settings, click the “Submit Comment” button
  • Feel free to also reply to or like other users comments
  • Comments will be approved by moderators before the are posted


You must register and be logged in to vote on an idea.

  • To Agree with an idea, click the up arrow next to the idea
  • To Disagree with a idea, click the down arrow to the idea